For every sign production, you will be asked to provide your artwork in VECTOR FILE FORMAT. Please check our pricing below.

Why Vector format?

In Vector graphics points, curves, lines, polygons etc are used to represent the complete image (Every Lines on the graphics are OUTLINED). While in raster the image representation is totally different. In Raster format, the image is represented by pixels. One of the main advantage of using vector image is scalable. Vector image can be scaled to any extend without loss of its resolution. while raster or bitmap images scales poorly. Second advantage of vector image is flexibility in editing. You can edit any part or property of the vector image , like color, angle, width etc without degradation of image quality.

Vector graphic is required when cutting process involved using a plotter, CNC Router, Laser, and Waterjet.

We can convert raster, photographs & bitmap images into hand-made vector graphics.

Image-To-Vector specializes in vector conversion service that generates quality flexible and convenient to use vector formats of your scans, gifs, jpegs and sketches from raster/ bitmap images for logos, artwork, illustrations, stencils, maps, signs, crests, decal designs, badges, patches, photographs, paintings, caricatures and cartoons etc.

The vector conversion (vectorizing or vectorising) will not go through an automated process but instead done “by hand” to generate high quality vector files suitable for printing, engraving, embroidery, software development, web design, CAD, illustration, flash and other purposes.

Our Skilled Design Team will recreate your designs, creating vector images that no automated software and few other services can match.

What can we do?

- Converting a jpg to vector art format (.ai, .eps, and .pdf)

- Raster to vector conversion

- Bitmap to vector conversion

- Logo vector conversion

- Vector artwork conversion

- Custom Vector illustration drawing

- Vector logo conversion / Logo design / Logo retouch

- Vectorization of Map (convert raster map to vector)

- Vectorization of Building Blueprint drawings

- Vectorization of Industrial or Engineering drawings or Educational figures

How we work?

Following is the work flow of how we work with the clients.

- You can send us your bitmap/Image file or request your custom service to us by emailing us at :

- After reviewing your service requirement we will give you quote of the service. The average cost of corporate logo file conversion is $65 - $150. Prices vary depending on the quality of original image provided by the client, complexity of the image and how the vector file will ultimately be used. Basic Price Plan is listed below.

- After we receive the payment, we will start working according to your requirements.

- When we finish, we will send you the vector file in email attachment.

Discounted rates are available for large volume conversion jobs and repeat clients.